10 Tips That Can Make or Break Your Social Media

Businesses of all types and sizes are taking advantage of the power of social media marketing. Creating a successful social media strategy has many factors that need to be implemented make it work and enhance the results for the time and resources invested.

These tips can make or break your social media efforts:

  1. Make it about others — not about you. The key to a great social media strategy means thinking about your audience more than yourself. The number one reason social media campaigns fail to achieve the desired results is because of over promotion and self interest.
  2. Make contact on a daily basis. This consistency will increase your network, daily traffic and customer engagement. Like any relationship, it takes time and you have to put the work in for it to be successful. Consistency is important in both content and delivery.
  3. Make your sure pages properly represent your brand. Be professional and consistent with your organization’s brand. The way a customer or a prospect interacts with your brand online is crucial for driving your social media success.
  4. Make it easy to connect with you. Link all pages to your website, and to each other if possible, to integrate your social media for maximum exposure and connection.
  5. Make it easy to share your content. Use plug-ins and buttons that are easy to find and navigate.  By streamlining ways to share your great content with other like-minded people, they will share it with others and will keep coming back for more.
  6. Make your contacts positive.  Strive to build a positive presence in the seemingly complex world of online visibility and engagement.   A positive reputation is critical in today’s, but negative feedback should not be ignored.  It it should be looked at as an opportunity to address the needs of your audience and handled with grace.
  7. Make your content professional — and personal. People what to get to know your business and you.  Social media marketing is not meant to be a news feed only. They key to making it work is real interaction from real people.
  8. Make your content interesting and informative. By sharing industry information and related tips and tricks with your community and participating in online discussions, you can position yourself as an expert. Promotions should be kept to a minimum if you are to be considered a trusted source of advice and leadership.
  9. Make use of analytics and key metrics to gauge and evaluate your social media marketing success.  No matter if it is a target campaign or you are trying to expand your online presence, quality statistics will help your monitor and make the best use of the time and resources that you have put into your social media efforts.
  10. Make use of time-saving apps.  There are a variety of excellent apps for services that make it easier and more effective to manage your social media marketing. Research and discover which ones would work best for you.

It has become to increasingly essential for growing organizations to create a social media presence strategy to attract and build a target audience in an increasingly competitive business environment. It is important to remember that successful social media campaigns always emerge from a sound, comprehensive marketing strategy.