Great Concepts = Great Designs

The Best Design Idea is a Great Concept

If you start with a great concept it will give you direction and a clear framework for your design decisions. It is easy to think of design as art because of visual aspects involved, but in reality it great designs are all about problem solving.  Compelling visuals just are just one part of the equation as to how you effectively communicate your message.

Design is more about problem solving than just aesthetics. The concept is the differentiator behind the design used to solve the problem. This is what makes taking the time to complete the discovery process and the Project/Creative Brief so important.  With proper research you will know what you want from your brand, have identified your ideal customer, defined profitable target markets, established strategic goals and created a workable budget.

Taking the time to learn each client’s business is the cornerstone of what we do at The Design Depot.  It allows us to create a well thought-out plan and strategy.


>>  Design with Results in Mind

>>  Connecting is the Key