Delivering Your Brand

Mind Share versus Market Share:

Brand expression brings a brand to life. It is the means by which you control your brand in your customer’s mind. Branding should start in the executive suite with the overall business strategy not in the marketing department.

Brands make selling easier, but unfortunately mind share has little or nothing to do with market share. Branding takes both time and resources. Sales play an important role in building brand equity. A good selling process enhances the delivery of the brand promise. Your brand can be your best asset, but only if it translates into profitable sales.


It is a Brand New World

Many of the issues associated with branding are still evolving. Brand management will be critical for the best brands so that they don’t go from brilliant to bland. The world is constantly changing, and the most effective brands will evolve under constant change.

Brands begin to break down as soon as they are developed. The stronger your brand is to begin with, the better position you will be to build long-term market equity. Great brands thrive in an environment where they are nurtured, respected and protected.

Brand Audits should be conducted at least annually to monitor your brand. Put everything on the table—literally. Include: advertising, literature, product design, fax covers, invoices, customer surveys., etc. Your audit should touch everything that you do. The next step is to develop realistic processes and disciplines toward your goal of maintaining and strengthening your brand.

Brand Research should be part of your audit. Brand research is essential because organizations often have difficulty seeing the value of the brand that they already have and an even greater difficulty seeing how they are accurately perceived by their customers. Effective brand research combines both qualitative and quantitative data that leads to results in profitability, customer base expansion, and customer satisfaction. Metrics should be put into place to measure progress to assure that all brand-related activities can be linked to creating value and profits.


For a complete guide to a strategic process of discovery that reflects an organization’s values, we invite you to download our whitepaper on Building Brand Equity.