Does Your Logo Pass the Test?

A Positive, Powerful, and Lasting Impression:

With just a few colors, a choice of type, and some simple artistic elements, a well-designed logo must give a positive visual impression in an over-crowed market environment where image plays a key role in an organization’s credibility and the customer’s perception and purchasing decisions.

Little-known company logos have to work harder to create value in the mind of the customer. Creating a “big company” look plays a key role in building customer loyalty and trust. An effective logo makes a positive first impression that sets you apart from your competition and effectively expresses your organization’s vision, value and direction.


Stay on Target

Individual preferences should not be part of the logo development process.  Liking your logo is secondary to making sure that it works effectively in the marketplace.  The opinion of your target market is what makes this asset so valuable.  By creating a positive image and differentiating your organization from your competition a  well-designed logo can be one of your company’s greatest assets.



The Ultimate Logo Test

There are three non-negotiable tests that every logo must pass.

  1. It must look good in black and white. All logos need to be faxed and photocopied.
  2. It must be able to cross many media types (print, web, specialty items, desktop and mobile).
  3. It must scale well enough to look good on a business card or billboard*.

Billboard size also applies to tradeshow booths and special event signs.*



For a complete guide to a strategic process of discovery that reflects an organization’s values, we invite you to download our whitepaper on logos.