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When you Pinterest both professionally and personally it gives your clients and followers insight into your interests and creativity. As a professional or growing company there are 5 Fabulous Ways of using Pinterest to Promote your Business to engage with your audience and reinforce your brand.

These include: Storytelling, Inspiration, Expertize, Sharing and Marketing. The chart below will give inspiration or ideas of what you might include under each type of content.

Pinterest for Professionals

Pinteresting Ideas for Original Content to Promote Your Business


Attracting More Followers

  1. Put your FOLLOW me button on your homepage, your product pages, your other social media accounts, etc. (Pinterest supplies these for you.)
  2. Pin regularly – not all at once. The more active you are, the more followers you get.  You will notice if your pinning slows down, so will the number of new followers.
  3. Pick the right time of day to pin.
  4. Find three or four pins from one person that you like, pin them and then follow at least one of their boards.  There is a higher likelihood that they will follow you in return than just random pinning.
  5. Pinning looks different, depending on what browser you are in.  LIKES (which are not pins) show up at the bottom of FireFox and the top of Internet Explorer.  People can find you if you are a liker or pinner.
  6. Follow other people with large Pinterest followings.
  7. The most pinners with the largest followings have VERY organized boards – not just a lot of random pins.  They are very choosy about the quality of images they pin.
  8. If you can pin from an original pin, it is a new pin.  It is more likely to be pinned to the EVERYTHING board and get a lot of more repins.
  9. Pre-fill out your PIN buttons, and make sure your original pins link back to you. Just be sure you have the correct copyright for the images you are pinning – or that it links to the correct site that does.


As with most social media efforts you want to be able to gauge how you are doing.  Currently Pinterest does not provide an analytics dashboard, but they may in the future. In the meantime, here are a nine awesome sites to help you measure the success or “Pinfluence” of your Pinterest marketing plan as well as follow pinning trends.

Pinterest is evolving daily

New advanced sharing functionality is now available for you to allow followers to more easily pin content directly from your site or social media posts.  In addition, Pinterest recently added “tags” for boards to, which make your boards easy to find using keywords. It is now much easier to integrate Pinterest into your other Social Media through feeds and links.

The way Pinterest is truely evolving the most is by the almost endlessly creative ways it is used by its members.

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