Simple Brand Building Strategies

Here are a few simple ways to maximize your resources to implement a successful brand strategy.


Find a Need and Fill It — You do not need an entirely unique product or service to succeed.  What you need to do is to create the perspective that your product has advantages that your competition does not.

Align Your Communications — both written and verbal.  Seek for consistency in your messages, client interactions, product offerings and operating principles.

Make It Easy to Do Business with You — Have a well-designed and functional website, good location, return calls promptly, have products ready, ship quickly, etc.

Give Your Ideal Customer a Name — Develop a customer care program to keep them loyal and seek to make them evangelist for your organization.  Referrals are the best sales leads you can have, as an implied level of trust has already been established.

Have a Happy Hour — Give a little something away for free on a regular basis.  It it will give you a chance to talk about what you do and also create continual good will for your organization.

Listen and Learn — Talk to your customers and people in your industry about how they feel about the market, your competitors or emerging products.  No matter if your approach is formal or informal, you will be able to determine both tangible and emotional benefits that you can use to differentiate yourself.

Do a Little Detective Work — Check out your competition.  Develop a “case file” for each of your key competitors.  Fill it with information that you find out on the web, at tradeshows, in their marketing materials, through your contacts, from trade publications, etc.,


For a complete guide to a strategic process of discovery that reflects an organization’s values, we invite you to download our whitepaper on Building Brand Equity.